Integral SELf-MasteryTM
"You can not teach what you do not embody."


I have dedicated my life to serving and nurturing others to create their best lives – from teaching to coaching to leading.

As an educational leader and transformational coach, I serve those who are destined to make a difference through their lives of service, those who accomplish great things without losing sight of the important things, those who are inspired by the everyday to make a difference in a big way.

Working with parents, educators, and instructional leaders for the last 20 years, I have found that there is no separation in what brings us together to do this work: the commitment we have to educating youth and serving families. My specialty is two-fold: providing the “know-how” (strategies) AND the capacity-building to carry out the strategies with effectiveness, excellence, and sustainability. It is about school responsiveness ™.

Join me in improving the educational experience for every child and family in our nation. Join me in being a mover, shaker, and a difference-maker!

Peace & Blessings –