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Tovi Scruggs – Resume

Tovi C. Scruggs is a visionary and innovative educator whose career in education began over 20 years ago and currently serves as principal of a large Bay Area high school. Returning to public education after co-founding her own private school (ASA Academy & Community Science Center) with 100% success rates, she brings a wealth of experience, skills, and talents to give her beliefs and concepts about “best practices” to larger scale.

In only one year under her leadership back in public education, she and her team of teachers created an academic culture, forged a redesign of campus climate to reduce discipline referrals, suspension rates, and created a safe-space to delve deeply into issues of equity impacting academic achievement. In addition, Tovi partnered with a group of like-minded parents and spearheaded the critical movement to establish the first PTSA in over 20 years. This journey of success began in a school-wide assembly where she simply told students what was true and what they needed to hear most: that she loved them.

Tovi’s book: Be a Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School focuses on the term “educational parenting” which she originated to motivate and equip parents and school systems to look at serving as partners in order to increase student achievement. Tovi introduces “educational parenting” as a mindset shift, and inspires and educates parents to be their very best as school partners as they analyze, reflect, and take action in regards to how they co-educate and partner with their child’s school. The coaching model allows site leaders to be directly responsive as well as create structures to increase school responsiveness to parents’’ needs, thus improving academic outcomes for students through the strategies of “dual-capacity building” in family engagement.

Continuing to nurture her love of growth and development for herself, leaders, and others, Tovi received her Certified Integral Coach designation by New Ventures West. She uses the methodology of integral coaching in her professional work focusing on leadership and lifestyle strategies that result in the transformation of mindsets and ways-of-being to positively impact our work with the children we serve.

Recently, Tovi certified with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Globally, there are fewer than 100 SIY Certified Teachers and less than 5 with a focus on educational settings with this rare expertise that Tovi brings. SIYLI is a best in class and globally recognized program and network that blends evidence based mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to awaken the best in people and organizations, including schools. As a certified SIY Teacher with over 25 years of mindfulness experience and practice, Tovi is dedicated to bringing mindful leadership to the leaders in our classrooms and the leaders in our schools all over the nation. Tovi has committed her next body of educational leadership to this purpose.

Tovi has served on numerous professional committees in leadership roles, conducted workshops at conferences, taught at universities, and has delivered several keynotes. She also is the proud recipient of ACSA’s 2015 Marcus Foster Memorial Award.


“When I stand before God at the end of my life,

I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,

‘I used everything You gave me.’”
– Erma Bombeck


To contact Tovi about presenting at parent meetings/workshops, professional development for teachers and/or administrators, conferences, or coaching, please CLICK HERE.