Integral SELf-MasteryTM
"You can not teach what you do not embody."

Coaching Testimonials

Tovi's integrative approach to coaching met me where I was at in all areas of my life and revealed to me one of the deepest blocks that held me hostage from being the full realization of me. I am grateful for her exercises, insights, and our conversations that expanded my self-awareness.

Google Employee March 5, 2014

For the past six months I've been coaching with Tovi Scruggs. Coupled with her deeply intuitive and spiritual nature, she is quick to hone in on how to bring clarity and insight to the sessions. This gift has assisted me to better examine and move beyond my present challenges. As a Shaman, I'm ready for a life of abundance and profound joy. For those that are ready, to show up powerfully for yourself, then I strongly invite you to take immediate action without delay and contact Tovi. There is a prosperous life with your name all over it!

K.B.L. Entrepreneur March 4, 2014

Tovi is a beautiful, amazing, thoughtful, bright light that transcends through her work. She is the archetype of what I wish I were. Tovi, assisted me in several areas of my life, within a short period of time. I am in awe of her work, simply because she's so damn bright. I was able to get my life, and career in alignment with assistance from her. I've worked with several career/life coaches in the past, however, Tovi is refreshing because she uses a holistic approach to get the right outcome. I never felt pressured, yet I always felt relaxed and engaged. Each visit with Tovi, I discovered so many wonderful things about myself. Overall Tovi's approach was practical, holistic, refreshing, engaging, and innovative. From the homework assignment to the books that were required reading, I would say she helped me transform my life, and allowed me to feel a lot more at ease with my journey. I would highly recommend her for future endeavors. Tovi offered support and practical direction that I found to be useful. A lot of the tools I gained from Tovi, I still utilize, and again I can't express how much she's made a positive impact on my life. In closing, Tovi is a jewel with a rare gift which is to lead people to greatness.

D.B. Kaiser Employee March 1, 2014

Tovi and I began working together before my 38th birthday. We met while I was in transition from being 'busy' to becoming open to reflect and think. While deeply grateful for my past accomplishments and experiences, I knew that my short and long term goals required an update. After our initial intake session, Tovi captured themes and patterns that indicated I was considering what is meaningful and joyful, now. Tovi and I met every two weeks. She had two book recommendations- which I've recommended to several friends, a daily mediation practice, and journal writing. I appreciated how Tovi listened and reflected on both what I shared in our meetings and often reflected on something that I shared in a past discussion. Through my sessions with Tovi I felt break-throughs in identifying how I spent my time and whether it was aligned with my priorities, what is meaningful and joyful. This was demonstrated through interactions with friends, my career - now spanning 20 years, my creative projects - free lance photography, and hobbies (I'm an endurance runner and triathlete). Through my time with Tovi, I have gratitude from working with an intelligent, kind, compassionate and wise woman. My actions demonstrate our time together and the impact she made. I've continued with my journaling, reflecting, meditation, injecting daily activities that bring joy and meaning and reference my personal vision statement to guide my decisions.

J.P. Kaiser Employee March 1, 2014