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ParentChampCoverKnowing that parents do not have much free time, Tovi C. Scruggs wrote this guide in a way that is purposefully succinct.  Parent Champion is designed to motivate and educate parents to be their very best as school-partners.  Parents will be inspired to analyze, reflect, and take action in regards to how they co-educate their children by partnering with their child’s school.  With practical strategies and tools, Parent Champion allows parents to take action immediately.  As parents, you are the best champions for your child’s success. Being a Parent Champion means prioritizing (making the choice to give highest importance to) hands-on time and strategies for your child and their education.  As a parent, when you prioritize time invested in education, you are modeling your values that education is important and, therefore, championing your child’s academic and life success.

In addition, this guide is a must-have for parent organizations and schools everywhere to lead their parents to be more actively and purposefully involved in schools so families can assist educators in the paramount work that cannot be done alone: closing the achievement gap.  For over 50 years, urban youth and youth of color have been at a significant disadvantage in our country’s educational system, with low literacy rates, poor high school graduation rates, and even worse college-going and completion rates.  Our schools consistently try to educate our children without significant engagement from parents – and that’s a misstep.  If we are going to change the trajectory of success in our schools, we must bring parents into the equation more actively and intentionally.

This guide is a positive shift in the trajectory.

The Parent Champion is an empowerment model of support that can be implemented immediately to increase parent engagement and student success.  The focus is to present solid strategies, tools, and supports to empower parents to best serve their children to survive, thrive, and achieve in our educational systems.

The Parent Champion book will:

  • Inspire parents to be better partners with teachers & the school
  • Empower parents with tools to support our child’s academic success
  • Educate parents on how to create a “college-going” attitude at home
  • Create peace in your home from a shared set of expectations about school and clear strategies of how to reach those expectations

It is critical that we heed the teachings of the Parent Champion, and I encourage parents to unify to demand higher standards and results from our schools, participate more fully in the realization of those expectations, serve as contributing authors of the agendas in our schools, and take more definitive action in our homes.  Parent Champion shares important aspects of exactly how you can do that.

– Tovi C. Scruggs


ParentChampCoverBe A Parent Champion: A Guide to Becoming a Partner with Your Child’s School
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You are amazing!!! I got your book and already finished it! My son is a little mad because I used it to drum up a few discussions with him on school. He kept telling me to stop reading it!!! Ha! I see that as a good sign.  It is very powerful and so needed today.   Thank you!

Paula L. Mother of 2 in Virginia July 9, 2014

The Parent Champion Guide is a powerful narrative authored by Tovi Scruggs, an exceptional educator, educational consultant and administrator. My daughter attended ASA Academy and Community Science Center, where Tovi was Co-Founder and Co-Director, and where we learned and practiced the ideology detailed in Parent Champion Guide.

As parents who had not attended college, following the “Parent Champion” principles laid out in this book, we were able to provide meaningful guidance to our daughter which enabled her to be a stronger student, more conscious of self, and better prepared to realize her goals. She is now in her third year at St. Mary’s College of California.

I can assure you, though it is no easy task, with the in-your-face guidance outlined in this book, you will be a more powerful “Parent Champion” to your children! This book will enlighten, empower, challenge and guide you and your student successfully through the education process.

Rhonda Fortier-Bourne Parent Champion, Mother of 2 March 3, 2014

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Ms. Scruggs the past two years since she took the Principal position at my daughters’ high school. She has approached the job with an awesome energy and optimism. She has raised the bar for all of us, and those same attributes are obvious with her Parent Champion Guide. She has been a strong advocate for parent involvement at the school, and I am privileged to help her get a PTSA started at San Lorenzo High School, which hadn’t been there in over 20 years. It would not have been possible without her support and energy. She has worked really hard to improve Parent Involvement, and as someone who has 4 kids in the school district, I know it can be hard. I think The Parent Champion Guide is an excellent source and tool, not only for those parents that want to become involved, but also for those that are involved but would like to be more effective.

It is applicable to all parents, and even teachers and staff, when it comes to the concept of partnerships between schools and parents.

Amber Hunter PTSA President | Parent Champion, Mother of 4 March 3, 2014

Parent Champion is a life saver for parents drowning in the rough seas of educating their children. Tovi Scruggs offers concrete, practical strategies to help parents sharpen the tools needed to mold successful offspring. By helping us to hone our coaching skills with our children, Parent Champion helps us to create our best parent selves, and thus creating our best hope for shaping the future.

Lasha Pierce M.D. Parent Champion, Mother of 3 March 3, 2014

Tovi Scruggs is committed to designing empowered partnerships between homes and schools in order to ensure that our children reach their academic potential and succeed in life. The health and well being of our children and our community requires that parents are knowledgeable about and engaged in the education process. This book gives parents and guardians the lay of the land and grounds our expectations in a hard reality. It challenges us to be reflective and proactive. It has practical tools that are tried and tested, use one or use them all....Just get in action!

Jenee Johnson Parent Champion, Mother of 1 | Director, San Francisco Black Infant Health Program | San Francisco Department of Public Health March 3, 2014

Through Ms. Scruggs’ efforts, I became a better parent. She taught me that being informed was a critical part of the educational process. She was able to guide me through an often confusing and frustrating process, which allowed me to see the fruits of our labor - my daughter’s high school graduation with honors and acceptance into UC Riverside. Ms. Scruggs consistently demonstrates that students are the most important part of school. She is a definite asset and I can attest to the fact that she will bring out untapped potential and qualities in individuals and organizations that work to the greater good.

Adilah Bilal Parent Champion, Mother of 2 March 3, 2014

From a teacher, visionary and school leader for over 20 years comes the courageous truth about effective parent partnering for school success. Tovi Scruggs knows exactly what our students need from school and home to achieve. But it is her insights and strategies focused on transforming parents into champions who make their children’s college dreams come true, that makes this book exceptional. Our only choice must be to carefully read Scruggs’ words and follow her directions for the benefit of our students, as we can no longer afford to simply wait on the system to do what it has never had the will to do before.

Glenn E. Singleton Author, "Courageous Conversations About Race: A Fieldbook for Achieving Equity in Schools and MORE Courageous Conversations About Race" | President & CEO, PACIFIC EDUCATIONAL GROUP March 3, 2014

I stand in awe of Tovi’s honesty, determination, courage, and her commitment to student success. Her unwavering desire and commitment to student achievement through collaboration, not just with faculty and staff, but parents and community members ensures success for every student. This book is packed with road-tested tips and real-world strategies you can start using immediately to empower parents and families as student advocates.

Adam Taylor Executive Director of K-12 Operations, West Contra Costa USD March 3, 2014

The Parent Champion Model engages the parent as a partner with the school as an active part of the child’s education. This model will assist and guide parents in becoming an effective parent, equip the parent with the ability of visioning the outcome the parent wants to achieve, delineate the strategies, actions, tasks and tools to be utilized, reinforce the connection between the home and the school, emphasize the necessity of preparation and list proven parent champion behaviors.

This model provides a pattern for increased parental involvement with their child’s educational, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being, all of which are necessary to become a mature adult who is a contributing member of society to the extent their ability, capacity and potential will allow.

I endorse this model wholeheartedly.

Pastor William S. Epps Second Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA March 3, 2014

For many reasons too numerous to list and that most are painfully aware of, there remains a glaring, persistent, and deeply troubling achievement gap in America’s public school system. The achievement, opportunity and equity gaps are facts that we cannot afford to accept – morally, economically or socially.

Ms. Scruggs, a visionary and passionate educator, has dedicated her personal life and professional career to confront and ameliorate these gaps that are holding groups of students away from meeting and exceeding their God given talents and academic potential. She ardently believes that all children can learn to the same high levels. However, she also knows that it literally will take every ounce of our collective time, talents, and resources to dramatically impact students’ academic achievement. Parents and families are an integral piece of the educational success puzzle, but they are often one of the hardest groups to effectively reach. Breaking through life’s distraction to get the attention of these busy adults requires a strong and effective message. Using a practical, no-nonsense approach, The Parent Champion Guide delivers this message with current and compelling strategies that cultivate authentic parent involvement and engagement.

With the ultimate goal of dramatically improving genuine parent participation in their children’s’ academic life, as well as improving student academic achievement, the Parent Champion Guide, bridges the cultural gap between schools and parents/communities, strives to advance relationships between teachers, parents and students, and identifies community resources that can be used to support students’ academic success.

I applaud and admire Ms. Scruggs’ commitment to share her exemplary experiences through The Parent Champion Guide and look forward to using it as required reading for our organizations’ parent educational programming.

Robyn Fisher President/CEO, RTFisher Educational Enterprises, Inc. | Co-Founder and Board Chair, The Choose College Foundation, Inc. | The African American Regional Educational Alliances March 3, 2014

Tovi has a deep understanding of the parent partnership required for a positive home/school relationship. The approach she describes will push parents to new levels with greater personal accountability. The book is an easy read with tips developed from personal accounts and testimonies that will inspire parents to try something new.

Melanie Spears, Ed.D Senior Education Specialist and CEO of Excel Consulting, LLC March 3, 2014

Tovi Scruggs is a life-long learner and educator. She offers a clear and direct guide for parents of traditionally under-served students. Her recommendations—based on personal experience and educational research—will be useful for all parents who want to act as ‘Parent Champions and support their children so that they are able to be successful in school and life.

Dr. Fred Brill Superintendent, San Lorenzo USD March 3, 2014

As a veteran educator with 35 years of experience in and outside of the classroom, I have always embraced the notion of parents as partners. The Parent Champion Guide is a small book with a big message-- parents play a pivotal role in the academic success of their children. Rather than leave them with just this important point, the Guide gives concrete examples of steps parents can take to help cultivate the genius that lies in every child. I recommend this little gem with enthusiasm!

Debra Watkins Founder of CA Association of African-American Educators March 3, 2014

This critical and confrontational missive is an important handbook, tool, and guide for all adults with influence in the lives of young people who are currently or will be futuristically matriculating through the educational process of K-12 or college institutions. Before critiquing the current generation, we must also question and assess the generation who raised and educated it. This work of Tovi Scruggs keeps us all holistically accountable (school and family). As it especially relates to our African American youth, the stakes are extremely high and the moral imperative is one of life and death; thus teaching our children how to navigate current educational and societal systems is paramount. Because of the extreme importance of The Parent Champion Guide, Tovi Scruggs asks tough questions that force parents and guardians to assess personal parenting paradigms and investment levels. The Parent Champion Guide takes the process of educational parenting out of the realm of theory and moves us into praxis. This is simply a must read and a must do.

Ammar Saheli, Ed.D, MS, PPSC CEO, Saheli7 Educational Consulting | Pastor, West Oakland Church of Christ | Director, San Lorenzo Unified School District March 3, 2014